The registration for Camp Minnesota Summer Camps 2012 is now open! Campers can go online to www.campminnesota.org to check out the offerings and register for camp. With the holidays coming up it would be a great gift idea for parents and grandparents to give toward summer camp. One size fits all. In fact the camp experience and relationship with God grows and reaches out to others. Gift certificates and gift cards are available through the Retreats & Camping office: 612-230-2267 or camps@campminnesota.org.



Koronis Ministries will be at the Christian Community Fair this weekend! The first 5 people to visit Mike at the booth and mention our Facebook page will receive a KM backpack! Be sure to tell your friends!

If you’re not familiar with the Christian Community Fair, it is the largest Christian Fair in Minnesota and it is taking place at the Mpls Convention Center. Admission is FREE!!! Check it out! http://www.christianfair.com

Author Obie Holmen will be leading a retreat based on his latest book in early December. Check out details here:



In the spirit of celebrating our 90th anniversary this year, we thought it would be interesting to put up some of the photos of historic Koronis Ministries. It is a work in progress, but will feature photos of all of the buildings, grounds, lake, and some activities over the past 90 years. Check it out at http://www.koronisministries.com under the History Page!

What a Morning!

I sit here at Koronis Ministries on a gorgeous morning with the office windows wide open.  It is approximately 69 degrees out and a variety of birds are singing joyfully and peacefully at the same time.  The sun is shining on the lake, causing diamond-like sparkles across the surface.  Life is good. 

I am still “recovering” from the emotions of yesterday’s 10th anniversary of 9/11.  I am still remembering the feelings I had that day and still mourn the losses.  I still feel sad about how our country has changed in so many ways.  One thing hasn’t changed, however, and that is the peace I feel when on these grounds, whether it be during the camp I’ve attended since 1982 or even while I’m in the office working, forcing the fears and uncertainties that can so often overwhelm to  just melt away.  I suspect I am not alone, as these grounds have offered a retreat from the “real world” to so many over the past 90 years. 

It is good to remember and to mourn.  But while weeping might last for a “night”, thanks be to God, joy comes with the morning!  And what a beautiful morning it is!  God bless Koronis Ministries and God bless America!


This article was submitted by Pastor Bob Kandels, leader of our Water Sports Camp:


Just want to put a shout out for the great memories of another Christ based ski, wake boarding, bare footing Camp at Koronis this past July. We all began the adventure Monday afternoon, July 25th as we gathered from Bloomington, Shakopee, Litchfield and Fergus Falls as well as other areas from the Twin Cities Metro region. After a little time of introductions and boat and water safety instructions, we had our first session of many on the water Monday afternoon.

I saw Matt, a first year camper, get up on water skis for the first time ever after only a few attempts.  He looked like he had been skiing for years. Matt was able to drop one ski and slalom ski by the next day of camp.

That first afternoon I watched David wake board for the second time in his life.  Later that evening David made his first attempt of getting enough air to clear the wake of the boat. After some face plants with a little sting he was clearing the wake of the boat and doing tail grabs for the ski show at the end of the week!

I watched Kate stick with practice and perseverance as she learned how to do a half turn (180 degrees) in the air on her wake board. She started coming to camp about three years ago and was able to really begin to fall in love with wake boarding also.

I watched Shelby, a first time camper, learn how to transition from being comfortable on just two skis to being able to drop one ski and slalom ski. Shelby started wakeboarding for the first time ever and went home wanting to both slalom ski and wake board.

Jordon, who has been coming to ski camp for at least the past four to five years, decided to increase his slalom ability with great deep water starts and becoming confident on his one handed turns and pulling the rope into his hips as he crossed the wake, making him sling shot into his cuts on a slalom ski making for some great photos. By the end of the week Jordon was ready to attack a slalom course.

The boat drivers Jesse, Brett and Greg were great as always, with Godly patience and great instruction as each camper improved their skills, taking their ability one step higher each day. (Brett, I can see if we can change the rules next year so you can come to ski camp as both a boat driver and a camper because you just like to have fun.) I was grateful for the opportunity to do some bare footing with Jordon at camp in the middle of the week.

The greatest joys of camp are:

  • The way we come back to our homes pumped about Jesus.
  • The discussion each night around the fire pit (or the back room in the main cabin because the bugs got too bad).
  • The goals we talked about.
  • How we spent a week together listening God draw us closer to the potential of the Holy Spirit.
  • The rest hour and how we could not wait to get some sleep with three 2-3 hour sessions each day of camp on the water.
  • The Wednesday night trip to the Dairy Queen.
  • The ski show Thursday afternoon.

To the campers:  All the Godly memories of ski camp, I trust, are calling you back next July of 2012 with me and the rest of the drivers and some great ski boats. Always know you can find me on face book and check in because it won’t be long before fall and winter slip away into a spring of 2012, and I will be sending out invites to all to start registering for the famous Lake Koronis sunsets and cracking glass at ski camp!

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Bob Kandels

We are getting very excited for the 90th anniversary celebration around here…  decorations, the mini museum, activities, food… it’s all coming together!

Please be sure to register as soon as possible by calling 320-243-4544!